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Cuenta de Instagram que muestra lugares abandonados

Los lugares abandonados guardan cierto encanto, tienen un magnetismo especial y claro cuentan con miles de secretos escondidos en cada rincón, que son imposibles de averiguar al menos que tengas una maquina del tiempo o seas un experto en desenterrar el pasado.

Si buscas una cuenta de Instagram que te inspire sumergirte en lo desconocido tienes que seguir @abandon, por el momento sólo tienen 127 post con fotografías que podrían causarte escalofríos.

Aunque, no te regalan datos curiosos de todas sus imágenes, esto no impedirá que veas cada toma con mucho asombro.

Por ejemplo,  el  Casino Constanța, localizado en el Bulevar Elisabeta 2 en la costa del Mar Negro. Considerado un símbolo de la ciudad, su estilo es el Modernismo según los planes de Daniel Renard, quien lo inauguró en agosto de 1910. Las últimas reparaciones importantes tuvieron lugar entre 1986 y 1988, y el edificio está actualmente cerrado ya que la estructura del mantenimiento es demasiado costoso, además de ser  considerado un monumento histórico por el Ministerio de Cultura y Asuntos Religiosos de Rumanía.

Exterior de Freak House

Freak House, Rural Virginia This house (that I dubbed the “freak house”) no longer stands. I called it that because I believe whom ever lived there was a crazy freak. Let me explain. Upon entering the rear of the home there was a skeleton draped in purple and propped up at the kitchen table. Now, I figured someone put it there as a deterrent to keep people out and I got a chuckle if nothing else. As I continued on, it began to illicit a darker mood. Many, many dolls with either the heads or limbs removed and without clothes, were scattered all about the house. Boxes of scary masks, a form (that to me) resembled a ghost hanging in the corner of the dining room, and bottles with poison written on them. As I ventured upstairs, the first room to the left revealed to me what looked to be a home made torture device. A chair with an apparatus connected to it to hold the head in place. It also had wrist and ankle straps. There were (what looked to me) to be a giant outdoor antenna hooked up to the chair as well as some sort of operation box with knobs for voltage metering. The next room presented to me yet another skeleton propped up in one corner covered from the neck down with an old ragged tarp. The walls were painted pink and the windows as well. What was really bizarre about this room was that one side of the room was sectioned off by 2×4’s in a rectangle pattern and filled with sand. Lumpy sand….and it smelled like excrement. At this point I started to feel uneasy and decided to make my way back down and out of the house. I DID NOT want to get caught snooping about that house by that crazy bastard! So after getting some hurried photos of the interior, I fled. When I made it back outside, the cool crisp fall air revived my spirit for the explore, so I started for the back where the sheds were. There were two. The left one was where I found the boxes of doll heads (I guess he decided to keep them for prosperity) and the creepy rocking chair that is in this photo. There were strips of different leather combined to make the seating. Hell, it could have been human flesh for all I know. Photo and caption by Leevar (Reddit)

Una foto publicada por Abandoned Places (@abandon) el

Escalera de una casa abandonada en Polonia


Beautiful staircase in an abandoned home in Poland Photography by @patrycjamakowska

Una foto publicada por Abandoned Places (@abandon) el

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